Each year UKA provides to the club one entry to the London Marathon to give to one of our members (only when the club has more than 10 of its members registered with EA). The Club Committee decided that the member will be chosen by random draw, however, only members who meet the following criteria will be entered in the draw each year:

  • You have not won the draw in the previous 5 draws.*
  • You must be a registered member of England Athletics.**
  • You must have tried to enter the London Marathon this year through the ballot system and been rejected.
  • Your intention must be to enter the marathon as a Langport Runner and be a paid club member when you take part in the marathon.




For the 2022 October London Marathon the following names were entered into the draw which took place on Wednesday 13th July 2022:

Mike Norton,  Spencer Chapman,  Paul Parmenter, Jean Hughes

The Lucky person to win the draw this year was Mike Norton 🥳




Previous Winners

2021 draw winner: Skipped due to COVID19

2020 draw winner: Mel Munday

2019 draw winner: John Howard

2018 draw winner: Selina Jervis

2017 draw winner: Jane Brookhouse

2016 draw winner: Neal Stayner

2015 draw winner: Martin Hooper

.... we don't know who won in earlier years but if you know please inform me (John Howard) and I'll update this webpage.



* On the 17th Oct 2018 the Committee decided that the 3 draw rule will be extended to 5 draws, however it will not come into affect until after the 2019 draw. Therefore the 3 draw rule will continue for the 2018 & 2019 draws and the 5 draw rule will commence for the 2020 draw and onwards.

** On the 29th June 2020 the Committee decided (by email vote) that you must be a member of EA (and obviously a club member also) if you are to be entered in the draw. The vote was 9 in favour, 1 against and 2 abstains.