Chard Flyer, 1st January: Paul Parmenter welcomed in the New Year by completing this 10k event in 49:36.

Walter Raleigh Trail Half, 6th January: three Langportians in this one: Paul Parmenter (2:52:14), Julie Gilbert and Nicky Chrascina (both 3:12:56).

Street 5k Series 4, 10th January: well done to Hazel Shears and Ben Deverell who ran this one in 21:45 and 23:47 respectively.

Oh My Obelisk Trail Half, 14th January: Paul Parmenter was the Langport Runner here, finishing in 2:06:09.

Storm the Fort 10k, 20th January: Hazel Shears was back out there, running round Brean Down in the dark in a time of 1:00:02.

Blackdown Beast, 27th January: Couldn’t find official results for this 16-miler, but the Roving Reporting Team believe the following took part: Paul Parmenter (3:02:45), Nicky Chrascina, Julie Gilbert (4:19:44), Anne Kelly, and Sue White(?)


Exmouth, 4th February: we don’t know what it was or how long it took, but we do know that Neil Fraser ran his 638th marathon. Yes, 638th. No words!

Portland Coastal Marathon, 11th February: Paul Parmenter completed this gruelling tour of the Portland peninsula in 5:17:50.

Street 5k Series Race 4, 14th February: Hazel Shears flew round in 21:27 (course PB!)

Wokingham Half Marathon, 25th February: Ladies’ Captain Helen Thomsit had a great run, finishing in 1:36:12.

Babcary Road Race, 25th February: Hazel ran this not-very-imaginatively-named 7 mile event, and came back in 56:27.

24 Hour Track Wars, 1st & 2nd March: the details for this one are slightly obscure, but it seems to involve running round a running track in Walton-on-Thames quite a lot. Latest results suggest Nicky Chrascina ran round for 26.2 miles and spent 12:14:48 doing so. Hopefully we’ll have some clarity for next time!





Bell Challenge, 2nd January: a plucky sextet of Langport Runners took part in this Marathon distance event along a disused railway line in Devon. Leading the way was Selina Jervis in 4:02:44, followed by Neal Stayner (4:10:23), Nicky Chrascina (5:11:10), Julie Gilbert (5:15:30), Cathy Parmenter (5:16:06) and Neil Fraser (6:05:22).

Stoke Stampede, 8th January: a host of Langport runners took part in this local 10k race. At least I think they did; only two runners ran under the official Langport Runners flag, so we had to run some very expensive and sophisticated name-recognition software (aka me sifting through the results page with a vigilant eye) to identify other LR members lurking among the results. Apologies if I have mistaken you for your namesake at eg Puddletown Puffers Running Club…or even missed you completely. Here goes:-
Adam Bevins spearheaded the Langport stampede, finishing 23rd out of 361 runners, followed by Ben Percival in 45:05, the one and only Hazel Shears (47:28), Ben Fogwill (50:05), Ben Deverell (51:55), Julie Gilbert (53:39), Trevor Strelley (53:59), Paul Gold (1:02:14) and Mark Wyat(t) (1:05:06).

Street 5k Series, 11th January: no official results for this one yet, but the Roving Reporting Team has picked up that Hazel recorded a 5k record time of 22:09! Ben Deverell also completed the course, in 23:49. If you also ran this race, and would like your result etched in stone in the Newsletter, just drop us an email with your time.

Oh my Obelsik! 15th January: the One and Only completed this 9 mile race near Dawlish in 1:23:28. 1st in age category and 4th female overall! We would expect nothing less…

Riverside Rollick, 15th January: Helen Thomsit travelled over to Thornbury and ran this 9.6 off-roader in 1:55:31.

Blackdown Beast, 28th January:  a few of our runners had a big day out in the hills involving pasties, mulled wine, pubs and cafes and a leisurely-paced 16 miles of running. In the spirit of the event we will not be disclosing peripheral details like running times. Piecing together the evidence of Strava records and selfies it looks like the following took part: Parmenters Cathy & Paul, Julie Gilbert, Katy Armstrong, John Howard, Neal Stayner…and possibly others.

Longleat 10k, 29th January: I don’t really want to stop the show, But I thought you might like to know that Hazel Shears was among the 868 runners here, completing the course in 48:23. The one and only Ben Deverell was close behind in 52:31, and the lady you’ve known for all these years, the indefatigable Jean Hughes, finished in 1:38:12.


Street 5k Series, 8th February: over the years this series of races has been going in and out of style, But it’s guaranteed to raise a smile, which is what Hazel Shears was doing as she raced home in 22:15. 

Exeter Half Marathon, 11th February (Saturday event): Simon Maggs got round in 1:48:02, 2nd in age group!

Exeter Half Marathon, 12th February (Sunday event): our new Dutch member, Lette Riijter-Neeuws, finished in 1:35:12.

Wiltshire 10, 12th February: Helen Thomsit was our runner in this one, clocking a time of 1:13:18 (.10).

Portland Coastal Marathon, 12th February: there was a blanket finish by Langport Runners as Selina Jervis, John Howard and Neal Stayner completed 26.2 gruelling miles in an official time of 5:00:11 (subsequently rounded down to 4:59:59………………..), but not before the reMARKable Mr King came home in 10th place in 4:14:41!

Portland Coastal Half, 12th February: Katy Armstrong was LR’s sole rep, completing the course in 2:33:07.

Penguin Plod, 12th February: Nicky Chrascina ran up and down the Thames towpath in Walton (-on-Thames) quite a few times, completing the classic Marathon distance in 5:54:41.

Lulworth Cove Trail Half, 25th February: well done to Louise Fisher who completed this picturesque but challenging course, incorporating 631 metres of elevation, in 2:36:31.

Devon Challenge, 25th February: Nicky Chrascina & Anne Kelly took part in this one, completing the 26.2 mile Marathon distance in 5:21:43.

Ironwood Challenge, 26th February: John Howard and Katy Armstrong ran this 6 mile trail race in Nailsea in 50:27 and 58:23 respectively.


St David’s Marathon, 4th March: Neal Stayner and Selina Jervis took part in this spectacular race, finishing in 4:45:54 and 4:58:35 respectively and very respectably.

Spring Larmer Marathon, 11th March: Mark King made it two gruelling events in a week, finishing this trail marathon in a stunning 4:02:56!

Slay the Dragon 10k, 12th March: Hazel and Ben ran round the lanes and fields near Hinton St George, finishing in 52:48 and 56:09 respectively.

Barcelona Marathon, 19th March: Selina Jervis and Marie Finnis had a fantastic trip to Barcelona and joined over 10,000 runners in the city’s iconic Marathon. Selina finished in 3:50:58 and Marie in 4:09:20.

Cerne Giant LDWA 30-Miler, 19th March: John Howard & Neal Stayner spent just over 7 hours taking in the various food stations and the beautiful scenery while running just under 50k.

Taunton 10k Night Race, 24th March: Hazel Shears was 2nd female overall, finishing in 44:19!

Hohe Winde Marathon and Half, 25th March: John Howard and Katy Armstrong were this week’s second-longest-distance travellers (just over 700 miles), finishing in 4:32:33 and 2:43:35 respectively. The Marathon took in 1652 metres of elevation with the Half involving a tad under 800m. Quite remarkable!

The Big Cheese 26th March: Sam Pusar and Paul Parmenter clambered over the rocks and through the mud to complete 15 miles of challenging trail. NB Paul also ran 11 miles the previous day – barking!

Yeovil Half Marathon, 26th March: four Langport runners took part in this popular local road race. First across the line was our new Austrian member Andreas Baldmann  in an aerodynamic 1:36:03 (and 1st in age category). New Women’s Captain Helen Thomsit was next in 1:42:15, followed by Paul Gold (2:15:14), and Anne Kelly (2:59:23).


Yeovilton Easter Bunny 10k, 10th April: quick times were the order of the day on Easter Monday, with Hazel Shears finishing in 45:48, and Ben Deverell not far behind in 48:58.

Dorset Ooser Marathon, 16th April: we had three Club runners overcoming the mud and hills in this demanding challenge. King Mark finished in 4:07:31, with new Italian member Giovanni Pistachio following behind in 4:37:19, and Selina Jervis completing the course in 5:01:10.

Butleigh 10k, 16th April: John Howard and Katy Armstrong ran this multi-terrain race near Compton Dundon, getting home in 48:58 and 57:57 respectively.

Mustang Trail Race, 11th – 19th April: slightly further from home, Nicky Chrascina completed this momentous and mountainous 170km race through Nepal over 8 stages. Extraordinary!

London Marathon, 23rd April: This world-famous event reverted to its traditional Spring slot for the first time since Covid affected the calendar. It will be long remembered for a stunning second-fastest-marathon-ever winning time in the Men’s Race and a tight sprint finish in the Women’s race…. and of course because we had two Club runners taking part! Simon Maggs finished in 4:06:24, and Julie Gilbert was not far behind in 4:44:45. Many congratulations to both!

Pewsey Downsaround 26-miler, 23rd April: Neil Fraser took part in this marathon distance event which takes in a number of prehistoric sites including Avebury and Silbury Hill. Then again, as he has run more than 600 marathons he probably runs one very week…but is too modest to publicise them!

Hurstbourne Tarrant 5, 29th April: Martin Saunders ran a fantastic 58:55!

East Devon Round, 29th April: even by his amazing standards this was pretty amazing. Mark King ran this brutal 65-mile ordeal, involving 2900m of ascent including sections of the South West Coast Path, in 14 hours 30 minutes (and 55 seconds). All hail!

North Dorset Village Marathon, 30th April: a sparkling 3:50:26 from Paul Parmenter, and 5:28:14 for Mike Norton.

Hartland Hartbreaker, 30th April: Marie Finnis ran this gruelling 18-mile race along the Devon coast in 4:32:46.


Milton Keynes Marathon, 1st May: congratulations to Louise Fisher, who completed the race in 4:47:51!

May We Challenge You Marathon, 14th May: crazy name, crazy guy! Yes, Neil Fraser* was at it again, running up and down a disused railway line quite a lot, completing the race in 6:30:42!

Weston-super-Mare Half, 14th May: Rachael Logsdon was Langport’s only entrant, getting round in 1:54:11.

Town Tree Trail, 17th May: an absolutely amazing turnout from Langport Runners with no less than 22 members taking part – that’s over a quarter of the total membership! The team was led home by new member Dan Milln-Hay 43:25, followed by Club Captain (Women’s) Helen Thomsit 43:44 (3rd female runner home!), Hazel Shears 46:51, Paul Parmenter 49:05, Ben Deverell 51:16, Haidee Pine 54:02, Martin Hooper 55:35, Anne Kelly 56:52, Alice Allen 57:43, Nicky Chrascina 57:47, Susan White 1:00:12, Cathy Parmenter 1:01:59, Julie Gilbert 1:01:59, Liz Martin 1:02:56, Spencer Chapman 1:03:05, Claire Welch 1:03:05, Anthony Welch 1:03:06, Amanda Bigger 1:03:38, Amanda Perrin 1:11:09, Brian Jennings 1:12:24, Roxane Pratt 1:14:56, and Lyndsay Hardwick 1:23:28.  Well done everyone!

Egdon Easy 10k, 27th May: Rachael was at it again, finishing in 53:38.


Endure 24, 8th-9th June: Nicky Chrascina was at this iconic 24-hour trail relay race!

Yeovilton 5k Summer Series Race 2, 14th June: exceptionally quick times recorded by Helen Thomsit (22:03) and Hazel Shears (22:06), with Ben Deverell close behind in 23:55.

Giant’s Head Marathon, 17th June: in dangerously sweltering conditions we had 12 runners taking part in this gruelling trail marathon. Serious kudos to all who took part. A list of the survivors:- Mark King (4:48:51), Selina Jervis (5:13:22), Paul Parmenter/John Howard (5:22:25), Martin Hooper (5:59:38), Sam Pusar (5:59:51), Nicky Chrascina (6:17:52), Katy Armstrong/Julie Gilbert/Cathy Parmenter (6:50:19), Mike Norton/Anne Kelly (7:26:19).

Giant’s Head Half, 17th June: we also had three runners in the Half (in equally challenging conditions!) – Hazel Shears was first round (2:10:33), followed by Ben Deverell (2:39:10), and Jean Hughes (3:11:55).

Martock 10k, 18th June: another excellent turn-out from Langport with six runners getting round - Rachael Logsdon (53:28), Paul Gold (1:04:02), Wendy Driver/Roxane Pratt/Kate Norton/Lyndsay Hardwick (all 1:18:46).

North Devon AONB Marathon, 25th June: another hot one with John Howard finishing in an impressive sub-5 (4:59:03).

North Devon AONB Half Marathon, 25th June: Katy Armstrong completed the Half in 2:22:41.

Forde Abbey 10k, 28th June: in this hilly event Helen Thomsit finished in 56:54 (1st in age category!), and Spencer Chapman completed the course in 1:14:32.


Ham to Lyme, 1st July: top kudos to the Langport Runners who completed this iconic 50k race: Ben Deverell/Paul Parmenter (6:36:03), Rachael Logsdon (6:58:06), Sam Pusar/Martin Hooper (6:59:58), Julie Gilbert/Mel Munday (8:00:34). Well done everyone! Hats off and a round of applause to King Mark King, who got to Lyme and then turned round and ran all the way back in a mind-blowing, eye-watering, stomach-churning 14:25:31. We’re not worthy!

Quantock Beast, 2nd July: Adam Bevins ran it in 58:31. Not content with 50k the previous day, Paul and Cathy got back out the following day to finish in 1:00:36 and 1:13:24 respectively!

Lundy Island Half Marathon, 2nd July: first prize for wackiest location for a non-Parkrun race this week, plus prize for 3rd female runner home, goes to Hazel Shears, who circumvented the puffins to finish in 2:10:46!

Hope 24, 8th/9th July: it was a BIG Club turnout for this gruelling and slightly bonkers weekend trail relay. Well done to all who took part: Julie Gilbert, Paul Parmenter, Cathy Parmenter, Katy Armstrong, Jean Hughes, John Howard, Lyndsay Hardwick, Maggie Hill, Anne Kelly, Nicky Chrascina, Peter Porter.

Yeovilton Summer 5k Series Race 3, 12th July: those two speed merchants were on it again, with Helen Thomsit and Hazel Shears tearing the course up in 21:10 and 21:51 respectively.

Blackdown Beauty, 15th July: John Howard (3:24:16), Selina Jervis (3:24:25), Paul Parmenter (3:50:17), Katy Armstrong (4:32:46), Julie Gilbert (5:45:14).

Piddle Wood Plod, 16th July: more strange happenings on this challenging trail run with Ben finishing in 54:57 and Hazel a distant 1:27:27. 

Maiden NewTen, 26th July: order finally restored, Hazel romping across the line in 52:15 with Ben in hot pursuit, finishing in 57:10.

Round Reading 50k, 29th July: congratulations to Nicky Chrascina who completed this iconic and very long Thames Valley course in 6:20:44!


Haselbury Trail 10k, 2nd August: on a slightly dank evening there was a decent Club turnout, with Hazel leading the Langport contingent with a 1st-in-age-category 52:08. Paul P was a close second in 53:44. Ben Deverell came home in 56:17, and Cathy P and Julie Gilbert finished arm-in-arm in 1:12:33. The Editor can confirm seeing Spencer cross the line, though there is no official evidence on Strava or amongst the race data (as far as we can ascertain!) 

Wessex 10k, 5th August: Katy Armstrong made it up Bancombe Road hill, finishing in 53:25. So did Shannon Howes (59:06) and Roxane (1:11:53).

Yeovilton Summer 5k Series Race 4, 9th August: a brisk one from Hazel (21:58), with Ben completing a 5k PB (22:44)!

One Fyne Night 10k, 19th August: joint top prizes went to the organisers for the cheesiest race name of 2023 so far, and to Hazel Shears for finishing 6th overall and 2nd female home in 52:27!

Ciderthon Half Marathon, 19th August: more a party in shorts than a race, but Jean Hughes took part and survived to tell the tale!


Mendip Marauder, 2nd September: we ask you to take a moment to appreciate the achievement of King Mark King, who ran this tough 50 mile race across the eponymous range of hills in a time of 10 hours 10 minutes 9 seconds. That includes 2000m of elevation!

Berkeley Marathons, 2nd September: equally appreciative applause please for Nicky Chrascina, who completed one very long lap of this exacting course in red-hot conditions. It took 10:14:30, and however far it was (we’re not sure!) it was a heroic effort!

Bridgwater Half Marathon, 3rd September: just the two Langport runners at Bridgwater, with Julie Gilbert finishing in 2:10:54, and the indefatigable Jean Hughes completing the course in 2:43:46.

Yeovilton Summer 10k Series Race 5, 6th September: the dynamic duo were back on it, and the Yeovilton Summer 10k Series was back on. It was a close-run thing, but Hazel got the better of Ben by 57 seconds, crossing the line in 22:40.

Yeovil Games, 9th September: congratulations to Adam Bevins who ran a PB (11:28) in the 3000 metres!

The Lap, 9th September: not to be outdone, Selina Jervis ran just over 73k and 2571m up & down in the Lake District in a mind-boggling trail race. It took 10 hours 25 minutes. Extraordinary!

New Forest Marathon, 10th September: Nicky Chrascina completed this spectacular course in 5:21:21.

Yeovilton Summer 10k Series Race 6, 13th September: the Langport speed merchants were out in force with Adam Bevins first across the line in 19:31, followed by Hazel Shears (21:37) and Ben Deverell (22:47), both recording PBs for the distance!

Oldbury 10 Miler, 17th September: congratulations to Women’s Club Captain Helen Thomsit who finished in 1:15:03.

Conquest of Avalon, 23rd September: congrats and huge kudos to the Langport runners who tackled this gruelling 30-mile(ish)/50-mile event. Official results not yet published but we have picked up the following results: Mark King ran the 50 mile event, finishing 5th overall in 9:05:53, as did Selina Jervis (9:21:58). 30-mile finishers included John Hired (5:35:05), Paul Parmenter (5:49:44), Julie Gilbert (6:46:29), and Cathy Parmenter (7:22:18). Simon Maggs also ran it (first ever Ultra, time to be confirmed). Anne Kelly and Nicky Chrascina were also down to run, presence and time to be confirmed! A brilliant achievement by all!


Atlantic Coast Challenge 6th-8th October: ok, so this is where it gets very complicated. Forgive me if I get it wrong. John Howard ran three marathons in three days pretty quickly. Julie Gilbert ran two marathons in three days. Paul Parmenter did the same. Cathy Parmenter ran a marathon on the Saturday. Katy Armstrong ran a marathon on the Sunday. Anne Kelly was there as well (I think). I might have missed someone along the way. Either way it was a phenomenal performance by all!

Chicago Marathon, 8th October: very well done to Helen Thomsit who competed in this iconic event, finishing in 3:37:20. Not far behind world-record-breaker Kelvin Kiptum!

Bournemouth Half Marathon, 8th October: congratulations to Roxane Pratt. Slightly fuzzy footage shows Rox managing to dip across the finish line just 3 seconds under the 3-hour barrier – great effort!

Burnham Half Marathon, 8th October: an excellent turnout from Langport with seven finishers - Rachael Logsdon (2:05:43), Mike Norton (2:24:10), Paul Gold (2:26:45), Jean Hughes (2:39:16) and Lyndsay Hardwick (2:47:45). Special mention to Bridget Milligan, who ran her first Half for 14 years in a time of 2:09:02, and Shannon Howes ran her first ever Half in 2:14:48!

Sibelco Templer 10-mile race, 8th October: big kudos to Hazel Shears who was first in age group in 1:19:51

Street 5k Series, Race 1, 11th October: Hazel first in age category again in 22:01!

Eden Project Marathon 15th October: another marathon in the bag for John Hired (3:53:02), and many congratulations to Selina Jervis (4:38:03) and Marie Finnis (4:45:24) on their performances.

Eden Project Half Marathon 15th October: great running from Katy Armstrong (2:14:56).

Dorset Hillfort Ultra, 15th October: another amazing feat from Mark King who completed this challenging and highly technical 57k course in 7:18:45!

ColyTen, 15th October: well done to Hazel Shears who got round in a brisk 1:29:43.

Mendip Muddle, 22nd October: Paul Parmenter took part in this challenging and hilly event, completing the 20 km course in 2:24:13. See Guest Report below.

Plym Trail Marathon, 22nd October: Neil Fraser took part in his 600-and-somethingth Marathon, finishing in 6:11:33!

Haldon Forest Twilight 10k, 27th October: Hazel Shears took Rosco the dog for a run and they both crossed the line in 59:28!

The Stickler, 29th October: this famous Dorset race incorporating three nasty hills was first run in 1995, and this year we had at least four runners covering the 16k course: John Howard (1:26:22); Paul Parmenter (1:36:10); Katy Armstrong (1:47:38); Mike Norton (2:01:32). The results service has proved as elusive as the elusive Anne Kelly, but we think Anne ran it as well!


Devon Trail Race 10k, 4th November: Hazel was back on the rostrum with a 2nd in age category place. Time: 52:53.

Street 5k Series, Race 2, 8th November: Hazel Shears finished in 21:58 and was 1st in age category!

Lemur Loop, 11th November: this is a particularly crazy one. Runners navigated laps of c 9.45k with Mark King leading the way with 9 laps totalling 86k, in a time of 10:28:28! Hazel Shears ran 5 laps in 6:41:42, and Mel Munday ran with Mike Norton also for 5 laps with both finishing in 8:03:55 (total 47k). And if that wasn’t impressive enough, to give you an idea of the hill quotient, Mark’s total elevation for 86k (54 miles by the way) was just over 2300 metres. And three of them did the Club run on Wednesday too. Quite remarkable!

Bideford 10-Miler, 11th November: Paul Parmenter ran this one in a brisk 1:14:22


Full MontyCute 10, 3rd December: we had four runners in this one. Martin Hooper was first home in 2:08:22, followed by Rachael Logsdon in 2:18:14, with Sue White and Alice Allen crossing the line together in 2:29:08.

The Fairytale of Newquay, 9th December: Helen Thomsit completed this tough 24.5k race with just under 1300m elevation in an even 3:33:33.

Malaga Marathon and Half, 10th December: Parliamenters Paul and Cathy ran the long and short(er) versions in 3:40:33 and 2:19:06 respectively.

Street 5k Winter Series Race 3, 13th December: we had three speedy runners at Street, with Alan O’Connor finishing in 20:43, followed by Hazel Shears (21:52), and Ben Deverell (24:07).

Bell Challenge Marathon, 31st December: this looks pretty nuts to me, but anyway we had two runners running up and down a fairly short course a lot, near Budleigh Salterton – Selina Jervis covered the ground in 4:05:17, and Julie Gilbert did likewise in 4:55:00, whie Nicky Chrascina also completed the race in a time of 5:20:09. Fantastic running!