Date: Wednesday 2nd August 

Distance: 10K

Terrain: Trail

Posn.  Number  Firstname  Lastname  Time  AgeCategory
6 70 Kyle  Oliver  42m 8s  M
36 170 Adam  Bevins  49m 45s  M
66 83 Pete  Jones  54m 31s  M60
88 64 Hazel  Shears  1h 0m 25s  F
89 88 Susan  White  1h 0m 26s  F45
96 161 Nicky  Chrascina  1h 1m 52s  F45
107 62 Liz  Martin  1h 4m 44s  F55
122 111 Paul  Gold  1h 8m 50s  M40
140 137 Mark  Romans  1h 15m 28s  M

Total No. of Participants: 148

Fastest time: 37m 5s

FULL RESULTS: http://btckstorage.blob.core.windows.net/site817/Haselbury%20Trailrace%202017%20Results.pdf


They look wet but clearly they had a lot of fun !!

IMG 3247


Mr Gold looking rather wet!

Paul at Hazelbury