Only the Brave will inherit the kingdom of running....

....and Brave they were this last weekend. I've done that old Babcary 7.5 mile road race a couple of times and I know the weather can be brutal on it, especially on the return route when you are running up the hill to reach the crest, there always seems to be a rotten head wind there.... I really can't imagine what it was like on Sunday with that wind child factor 10 ....ohhhh nasty!

So you can gather I wasn't brave enough to do it, here are the ones who were!

Position Time First Name Last Name
22 00:54:07 SAM LANDRIGAN
33 00:57:03 GRAHAME TURNER
40 00:58:19 JAMES ANDREWS
45 00:59:32 HAZEL SHEARS
58 01:04:36 NIGEL ROUSELL

Fastest time: 0:43:28

No. of runners: 97


Once it goes through the scoring it comes out like this:

Pos Time First Last WAVA WAVA Pos Points Bonus
33 00:57:03 GRAHAME TURNER 64.23% 1 10 3
37 00:57:39 ANDREW ARMSTRONG 62.55% 2 9 3
45 00:59:32 HAZEL SHEARS 60.89% 3 8 3
22 00:54:07 SAM LANDRIGAN 60.43% 4 7 3
40 00:58:19 JAMES ANDREWS 59.10% 5 6 3
58 01:04:36 NIGEL ROUSELL 58.63% 6 5 3
92 01:23:03 JANE BROOKHOUSE 54.76% 7 4 0




WE HAD TWO CLUB CHAMPIONSHIP RACES THIS WEEKEND! How exciting! The other one was the less well known (for LR runners anyhow) , Two Bays Tough Ten. Chris was our only member running there.... hey, but that is clever! He will get a very high number of points for that because he was the fastest Langport Runner there!

Position Time First Name Last Name Wava % WAVA Pos CC Position Points CC Bonus Points
170 01:24:44 Chris Larcombe 12:34:54 1 10 3

Fastest time: 00:58:35

No. of runners: 539


So after all these results are totted up, Ben Fogwill has remained on top!.... however only by a whisker with Grahame nipping at his heals. Check out the current scoring HERE.



Group photo at Babcary.... oh look, Sam is eating Cake! (Fine cake at Babcary... it's famous for it 😁)