parkrun report Saturday 18th January 2020 by Roxane


Parkrunner Time Cat Grade Gender Pos Note Runs Parkrun
112 Amanda PERRIN 26:10 VW55-59 68.28% 11/197 New PB! 39 Ninesprings
46 Grahame TURNER 23:07 VM50-54 65.39% 55/252 New PB! 51 Burnham
59 Hazel SHEARS 23:50 SW30-34 62.38% 5/183 New PB! 54 Burnham
63 Paul PARMENTER 24:55 VM50-54 60.13% 57/199 PB stays at 21:35 75 Longrun
177 Margaret HILL 28:30 VW50-54 58.83% 35/197 PB stays at 27:00 56 Ninesprings
143 Sarah HILL 27:08 SW20-24 54.55% 18/197 New PB! 13 Ninesprings
185 Cathy PARMENTER 31:28 VW50-54 54.61% 51/139 PB stays at 27:04 72 Longrun
30 Richard GANDY 27:48 VM50-54 53.90% 27/68 PB stays at 24:03 56 Street
410 David GERMAN 42:35 VM80-84 50.85% 236/244 PB stays at 33:29 188 Ninesprings
227  Gavin STIGGEAR 30:18 VM40-44 45.38% 175/252  PB stays at 25:02  11   Burnham


Ten Langport parkrunners this week, three local venues, four PB's (well done Amanda P, Grahame, Hazel and Sarah).


Cathy and Paul P were at their favourite Longrun. According to the Longrun report:

"This week 338 people (199 men and 139 women, representing 27 different clubs) ran, jogged and walked the course, which was in a horrendous condition, very muddy, lots of huge puddles and icy. It was -1C when the volunteers first arrived and they could not start setting up the course because it was too icy to use the normal start and too muddy to finish in the usual place! The worst of the icy parts were gritted and the course was adjusted to avoid the worst of the ice and mud which meant that some runners started off by standing in a large puddle!"


Dave G, Maggie, daughter Sarah and Amanda P were at Ninesprings


Hazel, Grahame and Gavin were at Burnham & Highbridge. It was Pacer week here, maybe helping those PBs. Their report tells us:

" -2°C improving to +1°C during a run can only mean one thing...thermal underpants! It was a cold, icy and damp start to Burnham and Highbridge parkrun today, but the forecast was dry and the event enticed 435 runners, walkers and rhino's (yes a rhino) to turn up."


Shepton Mallet had to to cancel: "Good morning parkrunners. Following an early course inspection we have had to make the decision to cancel today’s parkrun. There are patches of ice on the course and as temperatures are not due to rise we cannot guarantee your safety. We apologise and hope you enjoy your weekend."


Henstridge had to change their course a little due to the icy and amended the results after later realising the course was short:

"Thank you to everyone that joined us today, the results are up (each time has had 3% added due to short course), photos will be up soon although the camera battery died in the fog, so sorry for shortage."


Clevedon have "Exciting news!" Their Facebook page tells us: "We are going to start pacing next Saturday! We are starting with 20, 25, 30 and 35 minutes and if it goes well we’ll expand. We have a 40 bib but our 40 minute pacer isn’t available next week. We’d love all the bibs 20-40 but can’t afford them all yet. If you’d like to donate (£8.50 each) you can do so here or volunteer to be a pacer please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (and pick up both a volunteer credit and a run credit!). See you next Saturday!"


This week's photographs:

(1) Longrun:

1 Longrun


(2) Cathy running:

2 Cathy


(3) Cathy and Paul - Longrun:

4 Cathy Paul start


(4) Henstridge - not very welcoming weather conditions:

 5 Henstridge


(5) Pacer week:


6 Clevedon