parkrun report Saturday 1st February 2020 by Rox

Position Parkrunner Time Cat Grade Gender Pos Note Runs Parkrun
93 Amanda PERRIN 25:06 VW55-59 71.18% 10/194 PB stays at 25:00 41 Ninesprings
183 Liz MARTIN 28:16 VW60-64 70.64% 34/194 PB stays at 25:20 128 Ninesprings
129 Susan WHITE 26:33 VW55-59 67.29% 18/194 PB stays at 24:39 136 Ninesprings
48 Grahame TURNER 22:44 VM50-54 66.50% 34/198 PB stays at 21:55 53 Longrun
211 Cathy PARMENTER 28:27 VW50-54 60.40% 33/125 PB stays at 27:04 74 Longrun
214 Margaret HILL 29:10 VW50-54 57.49% 48/194 PB stays at 27:00 57 Ninesprings
211 Kate NORTON 29:06 VW45-49 55.10% 45/194 New PB! 18 Ninesprings
143 Michael NORTON 27:18 VM45-49 53.17% 112/223 PB stays at 24:48 106 Ninesprings
46 Richard GANDY 28:57 VM50-54 51.76% 35/69 PB stays at 24:03 57 Street
416 David GERMAN 41:38 VM80-84 51.76% 220/223 PB stays at 33:29 190 Ninesprings
292 Gavin STIGGEAR 35:50 VM40-44 38.37% 178/198 PB stays at 30:01 13 Longrun
102 Martin HOOPER 37:11 VM40-44 37.83% 65/69 PB stays at 22:41 61 Street


Only local parkruns this week: Street, Longrun and Ninesprings.


Lower than usual numbers at Street. Maybe this was due to how the mud has increased in recent weeks? However, news from Street:

"Work commences this week to fix the infamous Rice Gap. We know, you're as devastated as we are, no more mud pits. Gone but not forgotten, rest in peace, Rice Gap."

(The Rice Gap is the part of the course which joins the two fields).


Grahame, Cathy and Gavin at Longrun. No parkrunning Paul this week. News from Longrun:

"The carpark at Bridgwater and Taunton College (Taunton Campus) next to the path that runs down to the barn has now reopened. 
It was closed due to damage caused by badgers. They have now been successfully relocated nearby and the damage has been repaired. 
parkrunners are welcome to park their cars there on a Saturday or Sunday morning. There is a cost of £1 for parking."


Seven lovely Langport runners at Ninesprings - including Dave completing his 190th, Amanda P very close to matching her recent PB and topping this week's table. It's good to see Liz running too and Kate achieving our only PB with a massive 41 seconds off last week's PB and her 3rd Yeovil PB of this year (and it is only February!).

News from Ninesprings:

"With Valentine’s Day coming up feel free to come on Saturday 15th February dressed in hearts & what have you!

We also have a special day as February 29th falls on a Saturday – I mean, it goes without saying that I will be getting you all leaping about that day but it’s also tradition that ladies can propose to their partners that day.. if you are planning this and fancy doing so in front of 450 strangers, that would be excellent!! (You can e-mail us to the same This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. address on the quiet and we’ll see what we can arrange!)

The weekly reminder please that all runners need to keep to the right hand side of the course throughout the run – unfortunately we had reports of runners still on their way out to Pen Mill being bumped off the course by runners who were right across the path on their way back in.

The paths are narrow in much of the course and if you keep right at all times, we should all be OK!

We had a couple of barcodes go home with runners this week – if you have one, can you bring it back next week please."


This week's photographs:

(1) Dave G on the home straight at Ninesprings:

1 Dave


(2) Amanda P and Sue:

2 Amand and sue



(3) Liz at Ninesprings:

 3 Liz


(4) Grahame at Longrun:

4 Graham 


(5) Cathy at Longrun - no puddles!

5 Cathy