Parkrun Report Saturday 08/02/2020 by Mike

Pos Parkrunner Time Cat Grade Cat Pos Note Runs Parkrun


Jean HUGHES 32:38 VW70-74 71.76% 107/204 PB 32:21 15 9 Springs


Grahame TURNER 22:20 VM50-54 67.69% 22:20 PB 21:55 54 Longrun
77 Paul PARMENTER 24:04 VM50-54 62.81% 62/212 PB 21:35 77 Longrun
72 Hazel SHEARS 23:51 SW30-34 62.33% 10/159 PB 23:21 56 Longrun


Margaret HILL 27:20 VW50-54 61.34% 27/204 PB 27:00 58 9 Spings
192 Cathy PARMENTER 28:20 VW50-54 60.65% 48/159 PB 27:04 75 Longrun


Richard GANDY 27:37 VM50-54 54.25% 41/87 PB 24:03 58 Street
406 David GERMAN 42:10 VM80-84 51.11%


PB 33:29 191 9 Springs
241 Kate NORTON 32:11 VW45-49 49.82% 68/154 PB 30:57 19 Burnham


Maisie NOYCE 33:29 JW11-14 49.68% 115/204 PB 28:06 4 9 Springs


Michael NORTON 31:36 VM45-49 45.94% 151/185 PB 23:05 107 Burnahm

Nick & Roz had a trip to attend Minehead parkrun for the first time.  They also stayed over the night before Rox said it was a “Lovely bright morning, little wind. 2.5 lap along the front, followed by Wetherspoon’s breakfast. Perfect Saturday morning”. Roxane is now only 3 away from her double century of parkruns.
Kate and I incorporated a parkrun into our long run (bought forward from Sunday).  We started near the back I went at an easier pace for me than Kate did for her. We did get held up in a lot of walkers and slow runners but we were not too bothered about that.  We then got our tokens scanned and set off again only this time when we reached the beach shelter we carried on to Berrow and then turned around and ran back.  It was really enjoyable.

Longrun Meadow

I hear the mud and puddles were in good form at Longrun Meadow.  Hazel & Grahame continued their impressive 5K running times.  This time there was a bigger gap between them 90 seconds!  Paul and Cathy also enjoyed the mud.


Richard had a gentle run around the course here for the 44th time.  He tells me the muddy gap between the fields had been sorted by some stone chippings.


Dave G had his 191st run.  Maggie & Jean were only just shy of their PBs by 20 and 17 seconds respectively.


Minehead Run Brief


Roxane at Minehead


 Nick (Well top half)


 Mrs N & me at Burnham