Pos Parkrunner Time Cat Grade



Note Runs Parkrun
297 Jean HUGHES 33:07 VW70-74 70.71% 117 PB stays at 32:21 16 Yeovil
92 Amanda PERRIN 25:43 VW55-59 69.48% 11 PB stays at 25:00 42 Yeovil
101 Susan WHITE 26:04 VW55-59 69.44% 16 PB stays at 24.39 137 Yeovil
39 Grahame TURNER 22:34 VW50-54 66.99% 32 PB stays at 21:42 55 Yeovil
54 Paul PARMENTER 23:40 VM50-54 63.87% 44 New PB! 81 Yeovil
146 Cathy PARMENTER 27:58 VW50-54 61.44% 32 NewPB! 79 Yeovil
176 Margaret HILL 28:53 VW50-54 58.05% 48 PB stays at 27:00 61 Yeovil
74 Gavin STIGGER 24:55 VM40-44 55.18% 61 New PB! 14 Burnham
284 Roxane PRATT 31:46 VW50-54 54.09% 100 PB stays at 30:37 200 Burnham
187 Nick PRATT 28.45 VM50-54 52.58% 134 PB stays at 26:18 181 Burnham
408 David GERMAN 43:01 VM80-84 50.10% 186 PB stays at 32:29 192 Yeovil
340 Sarah MARLEY 35:29 VW50-54 47.82% 147 PB stays at 33:25 15 Yeovil


This week’s parkrun was all about International Woman’s Day and “This Girl Can”. parkrun used IWD to encourage females to attend. Burnham sought to have a nearly all female volunteer group and hoped to attract a 50/50 male female split on participants, falling just short at 235/231.

Roxane was one of those 231 ladies at Burnham on her 200th parkrun, well done Roxane. She very neatly finished as the 100th lady, beating Nick on age grading…this girl can! Nick and Rox were also joined at Burnham by Gavin who bagged himself a PB. Well done Gavin.

Yeovil parkrun at Ninesprings enjoyed a dry Saturday and saw nine Langport Runners visit. Paul and Cathy ran PB’s and Amanda P was first in her age category, just missing out on a top ten ladies spot. Well done to Jean topping the table this week with over 70% age grading. Amanda P and Jean were joined by Grahame, Sue, Maggie, Dave and Sarah.

Longrun Meadow in Taunton was cancelled again this week, here’s hoping some spring weather will dry out the waterlogged course for next week.



Cathy at Yeovil on her way to a PB.  



Jean with her game face...topping the parkrun board this week.



Roxane making sure she was postion 100 on her 200th parkrun!



Amanda and Sue enjoying the drier weather at Yeovil.