Parkrun Report Saturday 14/03/2019 by Mike

Pos Parkrunner Time Cat Grade Cat Pos PB Runs Parkrun




VW55-59 67.00% 15/164 25:00:00 43 9 Springs


Paul PARMENTER 23:38 VM50-54 63.96% 55/166 New PB! 82 9 Springs


Cathy PARMENTER 28:21:00 VW50-54 60.61% 29/164 PB 27:58 80 9 Springs


Richard GANDY 28:03:00 VM50-54 53.42% 20/42 PB 24:03 61 Street


Steve SMALL 28:03:00 VM50-54 52.58% 112/166 PB 25:22 114 9 Springs


Roxane PRATT 34:13:00 VW50-54 50.22% 17/34 PB 30:50 201 Street


Nick PRATT 30:14:00 VM50-54 50.00% 26/42 PB 25:49 182 Street


Michael NORTON 32:41:00 VM45-49 44.42% 32/42 PB 24:16 111 Street


Martin HOOPER 41:05:00 VM40-44 34.24% 39/42 PB 22:41 62 Street
Well I think this could well be the last parkrun report for a while due to the spread of COVID-19 (Coranavirus).  Unsurprisingly numbers were low at Street with just 2 first-time visitors and just 83 runners.  It was a beautiful morning and we were noticeable spread out for the race briefing.  Conditions underfoot had improved but it was still pretty muddy.  Roxane had the edge on Nick with the age grade score and Richard paced a young lad around with him.  Myself and Martin’s times were skewed a little as we helped a lady runner who had a seizure, I am glad to say she is recovered well in Hospital.  Fortunately I had a foil blanket in the car and was able to run back with it to help keep her warm.  Probably the quickest I had run all morning.
Number were down at 9 Springs with just 349 runners.  Paul recorded a PB, Cathy was close and Amanda topped the table with her customary speedy run.
Hopefully it won’t be too long before we can resume park running again but it is not likely to be this weekend but as of yet, despite EA suspending races until the end of April there is nothing on the parkrun website to confirm a suspension at the time of writing.