Parkrunner Time Cat Grade parkrun Nos of
non parkrun
Liz MARTIN 28.52 VW60-64 69.95% Kingsbury Episcopi First Timer!
Julie GILBERT 26.25 VW55-59 68.31% Treadmill First Timer !
Will ARMSTRONG 20.4 JM15-17 67.36% Charlton Adam First Timer!
Karen BOAGE 29.49 VW60-64 66.72% High/Low Ham First Timer!
Paul PARMENTER 23.34 VM50-55 63.60% Stoke St Gregory First Timer!
Cathy PARMENTER 28.05 VW50-54 62.59% Stoke St Gregory 2
Sue WHITE 30.56 VW55-59 59.93% Shepton Beauchamp First Timer!
Wendy DRIVER 32.26 VW60-65 59.60% Somerton First Timer!
Brian JENNINGS 26.12 VM55-59 58.65% Martock First Timer!
Kyle OLIVER 23.14 SM30-35 55.96% Barrington First Timer !
Roxane PRATT 32.12 VW50-54 53.86% Curry Rivel 2
Mike NORTON 28.19 VM45-49 50:86% Langport First Timer!
Amanda BIGGER 33.53 VW50-54 50.57% Kingsbury Episcopi 2
Rich GANDY 31.41 VM50-55 47.31% Park First Timer!
Nick PRATT 30.35 VM50-54 49.41% Curry Rivel 2
David German 48.36 VM80-84 45.57% Curry Rivel 2
Pete PORTER 40 VM65-70 41.93% Huish Episcopi First Timer!
Nicky CHRASCINA 55 VW55-59 33.25% Curry Mallet First Timer!



Wow! Something else that is spreading fast….this virtual “non parkrun” thing! From 6 last week we have 18 this week. Well done all. Apologies if I’ve missed anyone off the table.

Super speedy Liz tops the table, clearly the shoulder is getting much better, good to see. Like Karen I did a bark run, just short of 7 laps round a cider orchrard. Think Nicky wins the prize however, for the most laps, ran the whole 5k in her garden.

Katy was able to run with son Will and Roxane and Nick were also able to run together. They varied their route this week, turning right out of their drive instead of left, first ensuring they were fully hydrated with an energy drink left over from Somerset A to B hash. Roxane and Nick report that next week they may continue their experiment and reach for the drinks cabinet, purely in the name of sports science, of course.

Rich took the “park” run thing literally, finding a route from Park. Dedication Rich, well done.

Next week is Easter Saturday. Let’s see if we can add an Easter theme to our non parkruns. Obviously all runs are solo (unless you live with your co runner) and are from your home address. Send me (preferably by email) your photos and run reports. Looks like this “Eggcellent” weather is set to continue.

Stay safe and happy running.



IMG 6465

Parkrun to Park, thanks to Rich.

Sue enjoying the sunshine.


Nicky and Billy going round in circles.


Rox and Nick and a cheaky tipple before they set off.

Will " OK Mum take my  photo if you must"

Katy " Be proud of your non parkrun in Charlton Adam!"


And finally....