parkrunner Time Cat Grade parkrun Nos of
Non parkrun
Julie GILBERT 24.23 VW55-59 74.00% Treadmill 2
Liz MARTIN 28.40 VW60-64 71.43% Kingsbury Episcopi 2
Amanda PERRIN 26.00 VW55-59 71.03% East Lambrook First Timer!
Sue WHITE 26.14 VW55-59 70.66% Barrington 2
Karen BOAGE 29.34 VW60-64 67.29% High/Low Ham 2
Nicky CHRASCINA 28.13 VW55-59 65.70% Treadmill 2
Wendy DRIVER 31.37 VW60-65 62.02% Somerton 2
Katy ARMSTRONG 28.08 VW50-54 61.68% Kingsdon wood 2
Paul PARMENTER 24.31 VM50-54 61.14% Stoke St Gregory 2
Cathy PARMENTER 29.08 VW50-54 60.33% Stoke St Gregory 3
Amanda BIGGER 29.59 VW50-54 57.14% Kingsbury Episcopi 3
Roxane PRATT 32.14 VW50-54 53.83% Curry Rivel 3
Nick PRATT 30.00 VM50-54 50.37% Curry Rivel 3
Emma MARVIN 34.15 VW45-49 47.64% Langport First Timer!
Mike NORTON 30.53 VM45-49 46.63% Muchelney 2
Dave GERMAN 48.22 VM80-84 45.79% Curry Rivel 3
Rich GANDY 34.27 VM50-55 43.51% High Ham 2
Alice & Libby ALLEN 43.30 VW55-59 41.48% Turn Hill First Timers!


















Another “egg-cellent turnout for the non parkrun this week, Easter Saturday.  Well done all.

The weather on Saturday was glorious so several got out early to beat the heat. Amanda P and Liz were out 7.30, clearly the best time of day to run some fast times. Both, along with Sue and Julie achieved over 70% age grading. Amanda took some lovely photos and incorporated a hill into her route, you might want that hill next week Amanda - but more on that in a bit. 

Nicky ran on the spot this week as opposed to round in circle and like Julie ran her 5k on treadmill.  

Rich ran his parkrun in a park, at High Ham rec and did an amazing job with this “Strava route picture” Well done Rich.

First timers to the non parkrun , Alice and Libby ran togther through some lovely scenery from Low Ham to Turn Hill.

The Pratts had their tipple before setting out, Dubonet this week, HM the Queens favourite tipple, Rox and Nick clearly thinking about the Easter broadcast later that day.  Rox states they are working their through the drinks cabinet, we look forward to next week’s offering.  

And on the subject of next week.  Next Saturday Yeovil Montacute parkrun was due to return to its home ground of Montacute House. In honour of this please send me your favourite images of Yeovil parkrun at Montacute for the report, or incorporate something about Montacute into your run like a nasty hill (Amanda P!) some sheep or some mud, I'm sure there is still some somewhere.

Keep running everyone (on your own from your home) and keep safe.



No social  distancing for animals.



River Run for Mike.


Great effort Rich, a cover photo for the future!


Rich at high Ham Rec.



Early sunshine from amanda P

IMG 6675IMG 6676

Alice and Libby at Turn Hill.




Some go faster juice for Rox and Nick.


Followed by a refuel post run - nice :)