parkrunner Time Cat Grade parkrun Nos of
Non parkrun
Julie GILBERT 25.29 VW55-59 72.74% Treadmill 3
Karen BOAGE 28.11 VW60-64 71.64% High/Low Ham 3
Amanda PERRIN 26.05 VW55-59 71.07% East Lambrook 2
Liz MARTIN 30.10 VW60-64 66.93% Burrow Hill 3
Nicky CHRASCINA 27.56 VW55-59 66.36% Treadmill 3
Sue WHITE 28.02 VW55-59 66.13% Barrington 3
Katy ARMSTRONG 26.36 VW50-54 65.24% Charlton Mackerel 3
Cathy PARMENTER 27.35 VW50-54 62.91% Stoke St Gregory 4
Paul PARMENTER 24.07 VM50-54 62.15% Stoke St Gregory 3
Alice Driscoll 30.54 VW55-59 58.40% Park to Pitney 2
Roxane PRATT 32.31 VW50-54 53.57% Curry Rivel 4
Amanda BIGGER 33.15 VW50-54 51.53% Kingsbury Episcopi 4
Nick PRATT 32.31 VM50-54 46.48% Curry Rivel 4
Dave GERMAN 48.14 VM80-84 44.69% Curry Rivel 4
Rich GANDY 33.41 VM50-55 44.50% High Ham 3


Nearly thirty years ago I joined police training school.  There I was told that the first station I would work at would always be my favourite with the fondest memories.  The instructor who told me this was not wrong, and maybe that’s why I love Montacute parkrun so much. I joined the parkrun party a little later than some, my first event being Montacute on 2/11/2013. 111 Montacute parkruns later I can’t think of any other  place I would rather be, at 9am on a Saturday.  What is it about Montacute parkrun?  Well first off I think it’s a “proper” parkrun, trail and hills.  I love the scenery, the views and how the changes in the seasons are so prevalent. And finally, and this is not unique to Montacute but present at every park run I have visited, the people.

Thank you to all of you who have indulged me this week in my attempts to recreate a Montacute parkrun! Think I have picked everyone’s runs up from facebook and Starva. Apologies if I have missed anyone off. 

Liz ran in her parkrun tee shirt and bar code band.  She found a lovely big hill to run up, complete with sheep. Burrow Hill, another of my favourite places!

Sue found a gravel path that had an uncanny resemblance  to the path at Montacute and has also reminded us all of how it feels to enter the finish funnel at Montacute. 

Amanda P and Alice ran off road adding some good hills,  and I finished my 5k with a run down “The Avenue”

Nick and Rox fuelled themselves with Malibu before they set out. Mmmm….not too sure on a link between that and Montacute, but maybe that’s it! Malibu; “the totally tropical taste”.  I love Montacute but I can think of anything tropical about it. 

Next Week, tell me something about your favourite parkrun, add an element of that park run into your 5k, or send me a photo. Let’s see how many different ones we get. 

Have a good week everyone, stay safe and enjoy your running. :)


wot no parkrunb


LizBurrow Hill

Tee shirt, check. Bar code, check. Big hill with sheep, check. Well done Liz.




Sue somewhere like Montecute     

Montacute?                                          Definitely !





   Barkrun with Meg

Alice and meg on thier barkrun, mud and hills.


M is for

M is for.......


IMG 6686a

A run down The Avenue to finish for Amanda.