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parkrunner Time Cat Grade parkrun Nos of
Non parkrun
Amanda PERRIN 22.45 VW55-59 81.48% East Lambrook 3
Julie GILBERT 24.02 VW55-59 77.13% Treadmill 4
Sue WHITE 25.52 VW55-59 71.66% Barrington 4
John HOWARD 21.12 VM50-54 69.57% Somerton First Timer!
Karen BOAGE 28.42 VW60-64 69.32% High/Low Ham 4
Liz MARTIN 29.32 VW60-64 68.37% Kingsbury Episcopi 4
Will ARMSTRONG 21.23 JM15-17 65.11% Charlton Adam Rec 2
Anne KELLY 26.40 VW50-54 65.07% Frome First Timer!
Nicky CHRASCINA 28.56 VW55-59 64.07% Treadmill 4
Paul PARMENTER 24.18 VM50-54 61.69% Stoke St Gregory 4
Cathy PARMENTER 28.09 VW50-54 61.64% Stoke St Gregory 5
Amanda BIGGER 30.06 VW50-54 56.92% Kingsbury Episcopi 5
Alice Driscoll 35.08 VW55-59 52.76% Park to Pitney 3
Roxane PRATT 33.09 VW50-54 52.35% Curry Rivel 5
Kate NORTON 34.17 VW45-49 47.59% Langport First Timer!
Mike NORTON 30.58 VM45-49 46.50% Langport 3
Nick PRATT 33.09 VM50-54 45.59% Curry Rivel 5
Dave GERMAN 53.14 VM80-84 41.60% Curry Rivel 5


This week parkrun officially confirmed that all parkrun events across the world will be suspended throughout the month of May. Something that was fully expected but sad none the less. The situation as we have been told is 26.2 miles not a 5k! This weekend also saw the postponed London Marathon remembered in different ways. Many did the 26.2 or 2.6 virtual challenge. I enjoyed watching the 1981 London Marathon on the TV on Sunday with Holly, she couldn’t believe how long everyone’s hair was. Think this may become the norm.

After last week’s tribute to Montacute I suggested this week you do something to remember your favorite parkrun. It seems I’m not alone in loving Montacute. Both Sue and Liz share my love for this parkrun. Liz writes…

“Today I did a trail run, recreating the lumps and bumps of Montacute. I’m not much of a Parkrun tourist and so my favourite parkrun has to be Montacute- I have both my best and worst memories there! The best was doing my 100th back in 2018.

Sue and I have done countless Montacute parkruns together. We usually park at Ham Hill and do a couple of miles before running down Hollow Lane into Montacute. Then after the parkrun we either run back up the lane or run up through beautiful Ladies Walk, giving us a longer run. Unfortunately the last time Sue and I did this at Montacute ( October 19th) I fell at Ladies Walk and injured my shoulder. I’m looking forward to getting back there one day with Sue and to recreate that run without tripping over any pesky tree root!!”


IMG 6721IMG 6720

  Liz's parkrun this week.                  Sue and Liz at thier favorite parkrun.


My 2nd favorite parkrun is Tamar Lakes in Cornwall, as the name would suggest, the route is run round a lake. The route also enters into Devon for a very short distance. There are no accessible lakes close to where I live so I managed the next best thing, a Devon and Cornish crema tea. I will let you decide which is which.

IMG 6728b


Rox and Nick report their favorite parkruns are coastal. Bit difficult to create that on the Somerset levels (maybe would have been possible back in February), so ran their parkun on a route to support a fellow parkrunner. They made sure their route coincided with Dave’s, (obviously at a distance) to allow for a photo opportunity.

Roxane reports “counting Dave’s non parkrun parkruns, he is on 198 - and is rightly proud of his achievement- so we made a fuss”.

IMG 6722 IMG 6723

Well done Dave!


This week saw three new first timers, well done to John and Anne and Kate. 5k for John must have been or warm up jog or sprint. And talking of sprint…..blink and you would have missed her. A fantastic run by Amanda P, with an outstanding grading of 81.48%.


Amanda P on her non must have blinked!


Next week is fancy dress.  It will be Street parkruns 2nd birthday, and also Roxane’s birthday. Street parkun are suggesting 5ks are run in fancy dress, if you send in pictures to Street parkrun you may win a prize.

The following week (9th May), if we take into account his non parkruns, will be Dave’s 200th parkrun! Please help celebrate this milestone and send me any photos or memories you have of Dave at parkrun. The same weekend is also the bank holiday weekend when many VE day commemorative celebrations should have taken place. Let’s see if we can kit ourselves out in red white and blue for our runs on that Saturday.

Long report this week, well done for sticking with it. Keep running, alone and on your own and stay safe.

IMG 6727IMG 6726

First Timers Gallery , minus Anne - send a photo next time Anne. (Georgous wisteria!)