parkrunner Time Cat Grade parkrun Nos of
Non parkrun
Julie GILBERT 24.55 VW55-59 74.40% Treadmill 5
Liz MARTIN 28.40 VW60-64 70.43% Kingsbury Episcopi 5
Amanda PERRIN 26.22 VW55-59 70.30% East Lambrook 4
Anne KELLY 25.40 VW50-54 67.61% Frome 2
Sue WHITE 28.22 VW55-59 65.35% Barrington 5
Alice Driscoll 31.23 VW55-59 59.07% High Ham 4
Amanda BIGGER 29.36 VW50-54 58.62% Kingsbury Episcopi 6
Roxane PRATT 32.26 VW50-54 54.19% Curry Rivel 6
Emma MARVIN 33.16 VW45-49 49.05% Langport 2
Kate NORTON 33.31 VW45-49 48.68% Huish Episcopi 2
Nick PRATT 32.26 VM50-54 46.60% Curry Rivel 6
Mike NORTON 33.16 VM45-49 43.29% Huish Episcopi 4
Dave GERMAN 57.17 VM80-84 38.66% Curry Rivel 6


This week was all about birthdays. Street Parkrun should have celebrated their 2nd birthday. To mark this milestone Street parkrun suggested virtual park runs were carried out in fancy dress. Judging from the numbers this week and your pictures, fancy dress is not something Langport Runners particular enjoy. Only three lovely ladies rose to the challenge.

Liz Sue and Amanda made a fantastic co-ordinated effort in a where’s Wally trilogy. Liz reports “Amanda, Sue and myself are all wondering whether we have been hitting the wine too much this week as on our 5ks this Saturday we all spotted a Wally - he’s an amazing little chap, as he can pop up in different parts of the Somerset countryside all at the same time. A bit like Father Christmas I suppose. Luckily we all had our phones and were able to take photos of him”


IMG 6751


IMG 6752

Along with Street parkrun Roxane celebrated her birthday on Saturday. (I hope you ran in the hat Rox, but no pre run tipple this week?)Once again Roxane and Nick coordinated their parkrun route to catch a picture of Dave running past his milestone marker board which read 199. Well done Dave!


IMG 6745


IMG 6746 002


IMG 6747

The weather on Saturday morning was lovely, so much so that Mike and Kate ran their 5k and then a second to make the most of the good weather. Alice also went the distance and added 10 mile onto her 5k, make that her 7ths consecutive half marathon in a row.


IMG 6749


IMG 6748


IMG 6750

As mentioned, if taking into account his virtual parkruns, Dave clocked up 199 parkruns this week so next will see him reach a milestone of 200. I am sure the flags will be out in Curry Rivel for him. Send me anything you have of Dave and his 199 parkruns to date for next week’s report, photos or memories.  Next Friday marks the 75th anniversary of VE Day and has been made a commemorative weekend. Let’s see if we can put our red white and blue running kit on , no that’s not fancy dress, that just running kit in a certain colour, I am sure we can manage that.  

Have a good week everyone, enjoy your running and stay safe.


IMG 6755