parkrunner Time Cat Grade parkrun Nos of
Non parkrun
Julie GILBERT 23.50 VW55-59 77.78% Treadmill 6
Sue WHITE 24.59 VW55-59 74.20% Barrington 6
Anne KELLY 23.31 VW50-54 73.79% Frome 3
John HOWARD 20.45 VM50-54 72.24% Somerton 2
Liz MARTIN 26.27 VW60-64 72.22% Kingsbury Episcopi 6
Nicky CHRASCINA 26.16 VW55-59 70.57% Curry Mallet 5
Amanda PERRIN 27.09 VW55-59 68.28% East Lambrook 5
Wendy DRIVER 35.02 VW60-64 56.79% Somerton 3
Amanda BIGGER 31.17 VW50-54 55.47% Kingsbury Episcopi 7
Roxane PRATT 33.59 VW50-54 51.06% Curry Rivel 7
Dave GERMAN 48.16 VM80-84 45.88% Curry Rivel 7
Kate NORTON 35.46 VW45-49 45.62% Huish Episcopi 3
Nick PRATT 33.59 VM50-54 44.11% Curry Rivel 7
Mike NORTON 34.17 VM45-49 42.00% Huish Episcopi 5



IMG 6779

Week 7 of non parkrun was all about Dave.

Counting his non parkruns, on Saturday Dave ran his 200th parkrun. A great achievement and something to be proud off.


Dave ran his first parkrun at Yeovil Monatcute event number 5 on 5/10/13 in a time of 34.46. Since that time Dave has ran his official parkruns at Montacute and another 10 different venues  and been a volunteer on 6 occasions. I did try to track down a photo of Dave on his inaugural parkrun but only managed to find one of him taking things very seriously at  his 26th parkrun on 6/6/15.


IMG 6789 dg

This week Dave was cheered round his 200th parkrun by Roxane and Nick at a safe distance of course. There are some lovley videos on Roxanes post on the facebook page. (Cant upload them to this, sorry).


IMG 6780IMG 6782


This week was all the 75th anniversary of VE day, so several of you donned red white and blue running kit. Well done.


IMG 6777IMG 6785IMG 6788IMG 6783

Grading table was topped this week by Julie who managed a sub 24min run. Great time Julie well done. Retruning to the non parkrun this week is  Wendy, who haivng  recently been unwell with shingles is now back finding her running feet again. Well done Wendy, good to see you on the mend.


IMG 6778

Well done all on another week of non parkruns. I have run out of “themes” so freestyle next week. Any suggestions for themes for a future weeks, please shout.

Take care and happy running.

IMG 6786

Mike and Kate finishing outside Eli's, another time maybe!