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parkrunner Time Cat Grade parkrun Nos of
Non parkrun
Julie GILBERT 24.30 VW55-59 75.66% Treadmill 7
Amanda PERRIN 26.17 VW55-59 70.53% East Lambrook 7
Liz MARTIN 28.40 VW60-64 69.40% Kingsbury Episcopi 7
Sue WHITE 26.50 VW55-59 69.08% Barrington 7
Amanda BIGGER 28.46 VW50-54 60.32% Kingsbury Episcopi 8
Roxane PRATT 32.42 VW50-54 53.07% Curry Rivel 8
Emma MARVIN 32.21 VW45-49 50.44% Langport 3
Mike NORTON 29.53 VM45-49 48.19% Huish Episcopi 6
Nicky CHRASCINA 40.23 VW55-59 45.90% Curry Mallet 6
Nick PRATT 32.42 VM50-54 45.84% Curry Rivel 8
Dave GERMAN 52.20 VM80-84 42.32% Curry Rivel 8


Week 8 – Not such a busy week for non parkun, now we can go out more and further maybe we did other things. I made use of being allowed out more and ran from Langport down to Muchelney and back, the same route as one of Mike’s 5ks.  We clearly  ran at a different time as I saw him by Muchelney Church as I returned home having spent half an hour after my run with a coffee and cake (trying my best recreate a "normal saturday" ) sat by the river. Whilst sat there I met Emma walking her dog. Good to see she got out later to run a 5k.

Roxane and Nick returned to having a tipple and a fizzy stick prior to setting out.

IMG 6805IMG 6806

I assume Dave joined the ranks of the Bundesliga footballers and this week ran his parkrun without fans cheering him on.


The ladies of Kingsbury, Lambrook and Barrington decided to see what wildlife they could spot. Liz reports that saw rabbits and horses

IMG 2943


Amanda saw a deer

IMG 6807


Jane saw swans

IMG 2940


Nicky spotted a horse and Billy’s bum

IMG 2941


And Sue didn’t really understand. (Your lovely pic , I think can be classed as wildlife Sue).

IMG 6804


For the next four weeks thought we could do non-parkrun bingo. Let’s see if we can all get a full house in the next four non parkruns, some are much easier than others depending on where you live but as we can now travel a bit more, there may be a greater opportunity. Below is your bingo card, have fun!


Show me the way – A photo of a footpath arrow sign

A photo of a stained glass window

Buy local – A photo of a local business selling eggs/plants etc.

A photo of some sheep

A selfie outside the pub

A photo of a ‘welcome to’ sign

Selfie with (in!) a telephone box

Strike it lucky. A sign with Top, Middle or Bottom written on it

A house name with “View” in the name.

Room with a view – Photo on top of a hill showing the view.

Club pride – wear club kit.

A photo of a weather vane.

NHS heroes – A photo of an NHS thank you message or window rainbow

 Compass Challenge – a photo of a sign with north, east, south or west in it.

A selfie with the word “Somerset” in the background

Photo of a post-box NOT aged “ER”